Changes at universities

Have you decided what changes at universities are non-negotiable? Some have asked that we wipe the slate completely clean. However, the Greek state is not being set up now; we cannot start from zero. This is not a serious approach. What is non-negotiable is the fact that we are talking about universities. That is, if someone has a proposal that means a lower standard, that is not a university, which is a place of science and research. Isn’t universal suffrage (in elections for rector) more democratic? Since we are not reducing the percentage of students participating, still the highest in Europe, why should we deny them the democratic right of universal suffrage? More autonomy. Eternal students. These are the issues. We have made our proposals. Let there be more. So, eternal students are to be abolished and all students will be voting in the elections for rector? When a general evaluation is made after 2010, the quality of education will be apparent and some will say «these are not universities.» If we have an irresponsible policy, we could say «leave it till after the elections.» Let me tell you that my conscience does not allow me to do that, as I know very well that this would be at the expense of our youth and the entire nation.