Verdict on Tsalikidis stands

Appeals court prosecutor Miltiadis Andriotelis yesterday rejected an appeal by the family of the late Vodafone employee Costas Tsalikidis which argued that there were shortcomings in a prosecutor’s report that had concluded the software engineer had committed suicide. After investigating Tsalikidis’s death in March 2005, prosecutor Yiannis Diotis said in June that the engineer had killed himself and that his death was linked to the phone-tapping scandal. Tsalikidis’s family has appealed against the report on the grounds that it contains inconsistencies and contradictions. However, Andriotelis said that he found nothing wrong with Diotis’s investigation. He said that Tsalikidis decided to commit suicide because he was under great stress as he had been in charge of software that was hacked into and used to spy on some 100 mobile phones. The phone tapping began shortly before the Olympic Games and targeted senior government figures, including Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis.