Greek jets hassled us, Turks say

Turkey’s military said yesterday that Greek warplanes harassed Turkish jets three times during training exercises conducted in international air space over the Aegean Sea. The military, in a statement posted on its website, said an F-16 jet was harassed by two Greek Mirage warplanes in an area northwest of the Greek island of Chios on Thursday. This was followed by a similar incident northwest of the island of Lesvos, further north, later in the day and another alleged harassment near Chios, the military said. In Greece, air force spokesman Colonel Ioannis Papageorgiou said «a large number» of Turkish aircraft entered the so-called Athens Flight Information region on Thursday without first submitting flight plans and Greek fighters were scrambled to identify the aircraft. «This is carried out according to international regulations. If the aircraft enter Greek air space they are intercepted,» he said. Claims and counterclaims of harassment between the two neighbors are not unusual. (AP)