Every hospital to have its own budget

Lack of transparency, a parallel economy, no control and hence waste of public money typify the existing supply system to health centers, an operation often called the «black hole of the National Health System (ESY).» Overcharging on invoices for medical supplies, orders for colossal quantities of consumables which reach their expiry date before use, specifications for materials that are designed to attract certain bids in tender notices, the splitting of tenders into many small ones and extra-contractual procurement of supplies are just some of the practices exercised by canny administrators that cost the state hundreds of millions of euros a year. The creation of a system that will ensure transparency in the supply network is now being put forward by the Health Ministry, which has already formulated the bill that will be presented shortly to the Cabinet. One of the new provisions is the creation of a Single Supply Control Organization. Health Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos has ordered hospitals to accelerate installation of the double-entry system. Moreover, in accordance with the ministry’s new bill, which is to be voted on shortly, hospitals are obliged to prepare a budget and the Regional Health Administration Centers (DYPE) will be reduced from 17 to seven, saving thus 26 million euros per annum.