Arrests in big bank robbery

Police said yesterday they had caught two of the four people who pulled off one of Greece’s biggest bank robberies when they swiped almost 1 million euros from a branch of Eurobank on Zakynthos in July. Officers from Attica police said they tracked down the two suspects, a 36-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife, near Thessaloniki. A crash helmet was found in the man’s possession, which officers believe he wore during the heist, when the gang of four made off with eight sacks containing a total of 960,000 euros. Police sources said the unnamed suspect has close links to a key figure in the criminal underworld and that officers may issue a warrant for his arrest as well. Two more people are also being sought in direct connection with the bank robbery. Police said they were aged 42 and 36 but did not give any more details. Officers are examining the possibility that the gang members were also involved in the audacious theft last month of 1.6 million euros from a Mount Parnes casino security van.