Six netted in big ATM card scam

Six people were arrested in Thessaloniki yesterday, accused of using stolen bank account details to withdraw -100,000 from ATM machines in Greece. The six suspects, Italian and French nationals, allegedly stole money from French and British bank accounts over the last 10 days, according to police. The suspects, three men and three women, ranged in age from 21 to 35. Thessaloniki crime squad chief Stergios Apostolidis said the suspects first received faxes with stolen bank details and then made fake plastic bank cards in Greece using the data. The fabricated cards were used to withdraw money from ATMs in Athens and Thessaloniki. «This is definitely part of an international gang that’s probably operating in several European countries,» Apostolidis said. Police seized skimming equipment as well as -8,500 and 3,500 British pounds in cash. The suspects were expected to face criminal charges late yesterday on fraud charges as well as for violating data protection laws.