Beauty queen in ugly drug bust at airport

A former beauty queen and another woman were arrested at Athens International Airport on suspicion of smuggling drugs to sell to clients at seafront hotels in southern Athens, police said yesterday. The two Ethiopian women, aged 23 and 24, had 323 grams of cocaine in their possession, officers said. One of the suspects had taken part in the Miss Tourism Planet beauty pageant which was held in Athens last year. A 26-year-old Albanian man suspected of helping the women to sell the drugs from their apartment in Argyroupolis, southeastern Athens, has also been arrested. Meanwhile, police said they had also arrested five people – a 56-year-old Greek man and four Albanians aged 19 to 42 – and seized some 11 kilos of heroin and 17.5 kilos of cannabis during raids in the areas of Peristeri and Kolonos.