Head of IKA murdered

Yiannis Vartholomaios, the head of Greece’s main social security fund (IKA), was found dead at an apartment block in Athens yesterday as police said last night that he had been murdered by an unknown attacker. Officers said that they were informed at 6.06 p.m. by the ambulance service that 66-year-old Vartholomaios had been found dead on the first-floor staircase of a building on Lykavos Street in Zografou, eastern Athens. Police chief Anastassios Dimoschakis said the IKA chairman’s body bore several bruises and that Varthalomaios had been involved in a fight. «We have ruled out a terrorist act,» said Dimoschakis, who seemed to exclude the possibility that the IKA chief was the victim of a botched robbery. It was not immediately clear whether Vartholomaios died from his wounds or suffered a heart attack. A coroner was examining his body late last night as police questioned potential witnesses. Vartholomaios lived in Halandri, northeastern Athens, and was visiting an acquaintance in Zografou. He was not accompanied by his personal guard. The 66-year-old became head of IKA in June 2004. He had previously served as New Democracy’s general manager.