Asylum backer calls for ban

PASOK MP Theodoros Pangalos said in an interview published in Sunday’s Kathimerini that he is in favor of lifting the police immunity provided on university grounds, though he also lashed out at striking academics. Pangalos said that he was among those who had risked their own personal safety fighting for university asylum but added that the law is no longer used to protect free thinking in the university community. «University asylum does not mean that the police cannot enter universities. I don’t see why order should not be policed at universities,» he said. «The University of Thessaloniki looks like a huge bazaar. Peddlers… sell anything you can think of in the most illegal fashion,» he added. The former foreign minister also said that actions taken by the Federation of University Teachers’ Association (POSDEP), which has launched ongoing strike action, are not representative of all university teachers.