School visits to planetarium

The new digital Eugenides Planetarium is a perfect place for both young and old to experience their first contact with the wonderful world of the stars. «After three successful years, we have some comparative data,» director Dionysis Simopoulos told Kathimerini. Overall over the past three years, 170,000 pupils from 2,950 schools have attended 790 screenings, while 210,000 members of the public attended 1,600 shows. In fact, those figures are a little misleading, because only Monday-Friday morning shows are listed as school visits, whereas many schools, chiefly from the provinces, visit at other times and are listed as members of the public. «In future,» said Simopoulos, «all school visits will be listed as such.» The best-selling show – and the longest-running one – at the planetarium is «Cosmic Odyssey.»