A world summit on medicine

A group of the world’s leading surgeons will gather in Greece in May to discuss the top issues in modern medicine at a gathering modeled on the scholarly symposiums of the country’s ancient glory days. Titled the «1st Symposium of the Seven Wise Men of the World in Cardiovascular Surgery,» the round-table talks will be held in Athens and Delphi, in central Greece. The gathering is organized to resemble the seven wise men of Greece who came together in the 6th and 7th centuries BC to search for answers on social, religious, political, scientific and ethical issues. Their work is widely considered to have laid the foundations for the development of philosophy in the era. The modern-day symposium, to be held May 10-13, will bring together top doctors including the eminent Egyptian-born British heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub, Texas Heart Institute founder and surgeon Denton Cooley, Medical Director of the Providence (Rhode Island) Heart and Vascular Institute Albert Starr and South African-born surgeon Donald Ross. Apart from providing a platform for discussions and analysis, organizers are also aiming for a more practical result that will involve passing on findings to industry participants. «What really is important is the continuation of the process which will start in Greece, the enrichment of the committee… and the long-term advice to the medical community,» Dimitris Kremastinos, president of the Hellenic Society of Cardiology and a member of the symposium’s organizing committee, told Kathimerini English Edition. «The symposium of the seven wise men may lead to the formation of a body of distinguished experts which could act as a world advisory board… to today’s major problems in medicine,» he added. Organizers hope the idea will grow into an annual event with speakers coming from different fields in future symposiums. Members of the public may submit their own questions to organizers. For more information, call 210.643.8585. [email protected]