Dig unearths ancient theater

Excavation work at a site in a northern Athens suburb, where sections of an ancient Greek theater were discovered on Thursday, should prove whether the structure is the fabled ancient theater of Acharnae, archaeologists said yesterday. Modern Menidi, where the remains of the 4th century BC theater were found by construction workers, is believed to have been built upon the ancient village of Acharnae, the largest of a string of settlements outside Athens, according to chief excavator Maria Platonos-Yiota. If the theater is proven to be that of Acharnae – which is referred to in the texts of ancient writers – this would be a «sensational revelation,» Platonos-Yiota said. Greek and foreign archaeologists have been searching for the Acharnae theater for the past two centuries. Experts believe that the theater is virtually intact and that further excavation at the site will unearth marble statues and possibly religious icons and artifacts.