Jewel thieves caught after flurry of activity

A gang of thieves that targeted jewelry shops in Athens over the last few months and is suspected of stealing at least 400,000 euros’ worth of valuable items has been caught, police said yesterday. The two men and one woman, all Romanian nationals, allegedly began breaking into stores last November. They are alleged to have stolen 300,000 euros’ worth of jewelry and watches from a shop in Patissia, near central Athens, 65,000 euros’ worth of valuables from a store in Nikaia, southern Athens, and 40,000 euros’ worth of merchandise from a shop in Kolonos, western Athens. Police said that the two men stole the goods but the woman was responsible for selling them and sending the profits to Romania. Officers said they found jewelry and 16,000 euros in cash at the flat the three suspects shared in Patissia.