Cyprus court jails Briton

A 39-year-old British tourist who killed a Cypriot teenager in a hit-and-run accident in southern Cyprus last August was jailed for 15 years by a court in Larnaca yesterday. Julian Harrington had pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of moped passenger Christos Papiris, 17, and causing grievous bodily harm to Marios Demetriou, also 17. Harrington had initially pleaded not guilty but changed his plea. The court said Harrington had used his rental car to ram the motorcycle, being driven by Demetriou, following a brawl at a club which had not involved the two Cypriots. Harrington had «aimed at causing grievous bodily harm using the car he drove as a weapon,» the court ruled. Another two Britons, who had been passengers in the car driven by Harrington, were acquitted in connection with the killing last week.