TV follows mold of tabloids

The question is: Why should Greek television be molded by the tabloids? The answer lies within the television industry itself. As long as there is a demand for tabloid television, that is what we will have. No one will care about the death of a human being, just about the ratings. I do not believe in state intervention in Greece in television. In France, there is an authority with the moral and legal right to intervene when necessary. In Greece, no contract has been signed with any authority and so any intervention is at risk of being considered censorship. We could demand personal responsibility and call on each journalist to be accountable. In this particular case, there is a serious aspect to it but it has not been presented at all seriously. It is unfortunate that the death of a human being should be used as the foundation for a debate about the way in which the civil services operate. PAVLOS TSIMAS, journalist.