Gossip and pomposity

The media create situations that may have occurred, not what actually happened. We could say that the state should do something about the way the media behave, but in a society that is trying to safeguard freedom of expression, nothing can be banned – for then we would be talking about censorship. That is why it is said that the media reflect society. This particular case would have been a minor news item but became a major issue for all the channels that started digging into the details. Nothing is private in this case: With the argument that the person involved was a public figure, the media dragged him through the mud without any respect for his dignity as a human being. We cannot know if there is a political aspect to this, but citing such an aspect is hypocritical, for if there were any political scandals involved they were independent of the event itself. The revelation of scandals, as was carried out by the media, lent an air of importance to the salacious approach they took to the event itself. GIORGOS MANIATIS, Professor of Political Philosophy, Panteios University.