Death of drug squad cop probed

A team of officers from the police’s internal affairs unit is in Patras to investigate the alleged suicide of the city’s anti-narcotics division chief amid speculation that the victim may have made enemies of local gangsters, it was revealed yesterday. The investigation was launched after the family of the officer questioned the coroner’s verdict, saying his behavior had not indicated that he had been ready to take his life. The officer, who has not been unidentified, was found on April 21 on a beach in Patras with a gunshot wound to his heart. He had been at work earlier that day. According to sources, the victim’s wife testified that her husband had been under a lot of pressure and had applied for a transfer out of the narcotics unit. About six weeks before the officer’s death, police arrested dozens in connection with the blackmail of a storeowner and the murder of a 40-year-old man believed to be a senior underworld figure. But Patras Police Chief Athanassios Davlouros said «there is no reason to worry about any connection between the death and the blackmail investigation.»