Police heed Belgian for Alex clues

A team of 25 Greek police officers is following a seminar in Thessaloniki led by the head of Belgium’s missing persons unit whose expertise, it is hoped, will help shed some light on the disappearance of 11-year-old Alex Meshivili. Belgian Commissioner Alain Remue has been called in at the request of the 11-year-old’s mother and in order to train officers, police said. The Public Order Ministry stressed that Remue was not here due to any legal action and would not be part of the investigation. Remue, who helped bring Belgian pedophile Marc Dutroux to trial in 1996, said that Alex’s disappearance would be used as a case study. »I don’t know whether I can help. I am not familiar with the details of the case yet, but we will see what lessons we can learn from it,» he said. Remue is tomorrow to visit the northern town of Veria, Alex’s hometown where he disappeared 14 months ago. He is also due to meet with Alex’s mother. Last July, five children were charged in connection with the murder of Alex, whose body has not been found.