Threatened by thugs for complaining

Christos Grammenos is 87 years old and has been living in Psyrri perhaps the longest of all. His home is literally surrounded by nightclubs and he lives in a state of terror. His home is on Aghion Anargyron Street, one of the noisiest. Two years ago, when he dared to complain about the unbearable noise, the nightclub owners sent bouncers in. «They threatened to hang me,» Grammenos told Kathimerini. «They were young people who showed no respect for my age, for anything. They went after an old man. And, as if the threats weren’t enough, they cut my phone line so I couldn’t call the police. I have lived in this district for so many years and could never have imagined that in my old age I wouldn’t dare leave my home. Unfortunately, we have no protection. The police let the bouncers do what they like and threaten people but don’t do anything to protect the people. The (bouncers) have beaten people up, put people in the hospital and no one in authority does anything. It is as if there are no residents of Psyrri, or as if the residents are illegal and the bouncers are legal.»