New landfills due by end of next year

Three new landfills that are to ease Attica’s waste disposal problem will be built by the end of next year, Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos said yesterday. The minister said that tenders had already been issued for the construction of two of the landfills, in Fyli and Grammatiko. The work is set to begin in a few weeks and will be completed within 18 months. Authorities are waiting for the Council of State to rule on an appeal by residents in Keratea, east of Athens, against plans for a landfill to be built there. The court has already given the green light for the dumps to be constructed in Fyli and Grammatiko. The construction of all three landfills is expected to cost -82 million. Attica’s only landfill in Ano Liosia has neared capacity in recent weeks, prompting concern that rubbish will soon begin piling up on the streets of Athens.