Desalination plant may be at risk

If there is a major leak and the diesel from the wreck penetrates the desalination plant in Oia, it will destroy the filters. «If they are destroyed, the plant will go out of operation, and we’ll have to order new filters from America or France, and that would take a long time. In the summer, we can meet the needs of Oia for three days,» Oia President Giorgos Halaris told Kathimerini. He explained that the plant desalinates 900-950 cubic meters of water a day, and which are consumed the same day during the peak summer season. The plant can store 3,500 cubic meters of water, a reserve that cannot last longer than just a few days. «You can’t imagine what it means to run out of water at a time when we have so many tourists,» said Halaris, who wants official information and assurances. «They tell us that they haven’t used chemicals in the clean-up process, but we want that confirmed in writing. And though I requested it two weeks ago, I have not received anything official from the ministry so that I can know what’s going on with the pumping and what the next steps will be.» Halaris added that the lack of information fosters rumors and suspicion. «There is no organized system of answering our questions and keeping the public informed. We are worried because we don’t know what is going on.»