Two stabbed to death in brawl

An argument among teenagers at a basketball court in Thessaloniki turned fatal on Sunday after escalating into a brawl in which two youths were stabbed to death over possession of a ball, police said yesterday. A 17-year-old Georgian and a second youth from Albania, aged 18, were killed when a fight broke out involving some 15 youths between the ages of 17 and 24. Police said a group of teenagers from Georgia were watching some other youths – mostly of Albanian origin – play basketball when the ball bounced off the court toward them. The two groups began to trade insults before fighting broke out with knives, crowbars and wooden poles. «The fight started for a ridiculous reason and some swearing. It spread from the court to a nearby children’s playground in a few minutes and ended with the loss of two lives,» a police source said. Police made five arrests.