One-stop shop is the solution

Over the past few years in Greece, we have seen a growing number of efforts at serious investment in our agricultural economy, and some individual farmers or even businesses in other areas of activity have been making substantial investments in the production and trade of agricultural products. They are especially interested in focusing their efforts on products that have a high market demand. However, they do face a number of stumbling blocks, such as zoning restrictions, an inability to receive funding from the banking sector, a lack of training and, of course, the bureaucracy that has such a detrimental effect on every entrepreneur. It is obvious that serious effort should be made toward making some sense of this theater of the absurd. A solution such as the one-stop shop, that is, one office dealing with all the relevant procedures, as is the case in other European countries, could easily be applied in Greece. (1) Giorgos Kefalas is chairman of the Union of Young Farmers.