Woman ducks to avoid train

A 76-year-old woman, who slipped and fell while trying to cross a railway track near the town of Aigion in the northern Peloponnese yesterday, lay down and let an oncoming train pass over her without suffering as much as a scratch The woman had just stumbled on the tracks when she was spotted by the driver of the train traveling to Corinth from Pyrgos. He sounded the warning horn and tried to slow down but was unable to stop in time. The woman instinctively stretched out between the rails to let the train pass over her. After stopping the train, the driver notified the police and was amazed to find the woman safe and sound on the tracks. The woman, identified only as F.Z., told police that she estimated that she would not have enough time to get off the tracks and decided to lie down and hope for the best. «I thought whatever will be, will be,» she told officers.