Weather woes may be due to natural change

Volatile weather conditions across Greece in the last few weeks, including some of the highest May temperatures recorded in the last 47 years, could be due to abrupt seasonal changes rather than the greenhouse effect, according to a leading weather expert. Dimitris Ziakopoulos, head of forecasting at the National Meteorological Service (EMY), told Kathimerini that it would not be scientifically correct to blame sudden changes in weather on the greenhouse effect. Natural weather volatility can also cause climate change and this could be behind the sharp fluctuations, Ziakopoulos added. Temperatures in Athens last week reached as high as 33 Celsius (92.3 Fahrenheit) degrees while the highest May temperature previously recorded was 34.6C (94.2F) in 1960. Experts said the weather should improve for the upcoming long weekend.