Pensioner in cab ride from Britain to Greece

A retired British teacher in her 90s traveled more than 3,000 kilometers by cab to reach the northern Greek city of Naoussa and visit the site where Alexander the Great was taught by Aristotle. Escorted by her private nurse, Kathleen Searles visited the site at Isvoria, near Naoussa, where she went on a 30-minute tour before hopping back into the taxi and setting off for Britain, according to the Athens News Agency. She said that it had always been her dream to see the place where the famous philosopher tutored the heir to the Macedonian throne and other nobles in 342 BC. The teachings of Aristotle, one of the leading philosophers of Greek antiquity, are believed to have strongly influenced Alexander, who resolved to spread ancient Greek culture throughout the vast empire he subsequently carved out in modern-day Turkey, Egypt, Persia and India.