Confusion over metro extension

The extension of Metro Line 3 to Aegaleo was declared open by Public Works Minister Giorgos Souflias yesterday but nobody seems to have informed the operating company, which said that it still needs to conduct a few more days of safety tests. Souflias visited Aegaleo station yesterday and told journalists that all three stations on the Line 3 extension (Aegaleo, Kerameikos and Eleonas) would open to the public today. However, moments later the metro operator, AMEL, issued a statement saying that commuters would not be able to use the stations until next week because safety checks had not been completed. To add to the confusion, the company constructing the extension, Attiko Metro, said that all the safety tests had been carried out. The Public Works Ministry is responsible for overseeing Attiko Metro, whereas AMEL falls under the purview of the Transport Ministry. The project has already suffered several delays. Souflias said last year that the -553 million extension would open by April this year. In April, officials said it would open in early May.