In Brief


New data show what wealth party leaders and MPs declared Synaspismos Left Coalition president Alekos Alavanos continued in 2005 to have more money in his bank account than the other political party leaders, according to data made public yesterday based on origin-of-wealth statements. Alavanos had 515,000 euros in the bank in 2005, a year which also saw Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis sell securities worth -145,000. PASOK leader George Papandreou made -228,000 from selling bonds while Giorgos Karatzaferis, the leader of Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS), earned -225,000 from renting 37 properties. Communist leader Aleka Papariga declared the least assets, with data showing she had -165,000 in her bank account. On call Doctors cleared to work long hours The State Audit Council yesterday paved the way for doctors at state hospitals to carry on working longer hours despite European Union regulations that stipulate they should work no more than 58 hours a week. It is feared that the limiting of doctors’ hours could lead to staff shortages at state hospitals. The State Audit Council, however, has approved overtime payments for the doctors until next year, when it is hoped that a new system will be devised. Meanwhile, hospital doctors in Attica are due to stage a 24-hour strike tomorrow, demanding a wage increase and the hiring of more staff.