Police get pass to university

The heads of the University of Crete took the unprecedented step yesterday of allowing the police unfettered access to the campus in Iraklion throughout August after a string of robberies and incidents involving drugs on the grounds. It is the first time that a rectors’ council has made the decision to lift the so-called «university asylum» for such a length of time and it could serve as a benchmark in efforts to change the law. Current legislation prevents the police from entering university grounds unless they have express permission. The law was designed to protect freedom of thought and speech but critics believe it is being abused by petty criminals and self-styled anarchists. The university decided on the unusual measure after two men were found exiting the university grounds on Monday with small amounts of hashish in their possession. Residents have complained of drug dealing on the school’s premises. The lifting of the asylum for August is unlikely to interfere with any academic activities as there will be no lectures until September.