Experts object to altered plan

Experts that helped put together the government’s national land zoning plan, made public last week, have accused the Environment Ministry of watering down the proposal ahead of the upcoming election period. Architect Rania Kloutsiniotis, who represents the team of experts that put together the plan, told Kathimerini that some of the changes are «particularly important.» «I dare to say that the changes took place without any explanation on a study that was clearly backed by scientific data,» she said. According to Kloutsiniotis, changes were made to proposed cuts to the number of regional authorities, a gradual ban on homes being built outside town-planning areas and restructuring of housing development on the islands. Environment Minister Giorgos Siouflas presented the plan last week that aims to improve the country’s land zoning regulations over next 15 years. The proposal has been brought before a national committee before it is to head to lawmakers in September.