Taxi drivers hit with fines

The Prefecture of Piraeus has fined taxi drivers nearly 600,000 euros since 2004 for 845 offenses, including overcharging customers, with most victims being travelers from Athens International Airport, according to data released yesterday. So far in 2007, the prefecture has imposed 155 fines totaling 78,466 euros, with most offenses involving customers being overcharged or taxi drivers refusing to accept a customer based on their destination. Each fine is between 300 to 1,000 euros and is often accompanied by the temporary revocation of the taxi license. Prefecture data showed 30 percent of all offenses involved travelers leaving or entering the country via Athens International Airport, while second on the list of victims were passengers from the port of Piraeus. There is a backlog of almost 6,000 customer complaints against taxi drivers waiting to be examined by the prefecture’s disciplinary board.