Heist gang raided over 40 targets

A gang of three Romanian men was responsible for more than 40 break-ins in Athens over the last three years, police said yesterday, as more details emerged about the robbers who were caught red-handed on Sunday. A 49-year-old man led the gang, while the other two alleged members are aged 37 and 23. Police said that the trio stole around 1 million euros’ worth of valuables over the last three years when they allegedly broke into 11 jewelry and electrical goods stores and 31 offices, mainly belonging to legal firms. However, the gang allegedly broke into the offices of four PASOK MPs as well. Police are also investigating whether they were behind a raid on former Prime Minister Costas Simitis’s office. The gang usually broke into the neighboring office or store they were targeting and drilled a hole through the partition wall to get at the valuables they wanted to steal. The suspects were caught while allegedly trying to steal 150,000 euros’ worth of jewelry from a store in Peristeri, western Athens.