Passenger tries to bite his way onto ferry

A Roma man who attempted to board a ferry without a ticket was arrested yesterday at Rafina, northeast of Athens, after allegedly biting a port official in his attempt to force his way onto the vessel. Port authorities said the man, who was one of a small group trying to sneak onto the Myconos-bound ferry, used his teeth in an attack on officials who attempted to stop him. Authorities described the incident as being the only trouble so far this summer at Attica’s main ports – Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion – from where nearly 7 million passengers have traveled to the country’s islands. According to Merchant Marine Ministry data, some 320,000 passengers departed from one of the three ports between Friday and Sunday. Along with these passengers, 48,970 cars left for the islands on one of the 771 ferry sailings over the three-day period.