Carpenter charged with arson

A magistrate remanded in custody yesterday a 30-year-old man in Aigion, northern Peloponnese, accused of multiple counts of arson after catching him near a blaze in the area last week in possession of large amounts of flammable liquid. Police said the suspect, Andreas Derdes, was found transporting in his car two large containers of flammable liquid, a lighter and four sponges. Derdes, a carpenter by trade, told investigating authorities the items were tools he used in his trade and that the flammable material was a timber varnish. He was charged with repeated counts of arson, a criminal charge. Police believe the suspect was responsible for starting four fires in the region on the day and said they caught him as he was attempting to light a fifth blaze. Meanwhile, a 16-year-old male in Antirio, central Greece, was also charged yesterday with arson. The youth confessed to six counts of setting fire to farmland in the region.