Facts and figures about the island

Along with Kythera, the 22-square kilometer island belongs to the prefecture of Piraeus, 160 nautical miles away. It is 22 nautical miles from Kythera and 18 from Crete. There are about 40 permanent residents, most of whom are pensioners. Others work on infrastructure projects or in community services. There is one doctor at the local medical center. The primary school closed down 15 years ago. Potamos is the capital and port. The other settlements are Galaniana, Harhaliana and Batoudiana. The beaches are Xiropotamos (beneath the ruins of the ancient town), Halara (a small beach next to the port), Kamarela (perhaps one of the most beautiful sites on the island, a narrow inlet surrounded by imposing rocks; be careful on the path). The island is served by the Myrtidiotissa passenger ferry from Piraeus three times a week (9.5 hours) and there are regular schedules form Neapoli, Laconia (three hours), Gytheion (five hours), Kythera (1.5 hours) and Kastelli, Crete (2 hours). There is just one community hostel with two rooms, and a private hostel with 12 rooms, although the latter has no license and the owners charge what they like. Unofficially, some residents rent rooms to large groups at low prices.