Thessaloniki cemetery guard killed on job

A 56-year-old municipal guard, found dead in a Thessaloniki cemetery on Wednesday night, was murdered, possibly by would-be thieves, police said yesterday. Vassilis Zoumboulis, whose body was discovered just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday, had been beaten on the head with a wooden pole, a coroner said. According to police, there appeared to have been a struggle near the spot where Zoumboulis was found. The assailant, or assailants, had searched the small room where Zoumboulis kept his personal belongings but had not taken his watch or some money he had on him, officers said. Thessaloniki’s municipal workers’ union issued an angry statement, calling for more security measures. «Do we have to mourn yet another colleague before authorities take the required measures?» the statement said, without clarifying when similar deaths to that of Zoumboulis had occurred.