Power back after fires wreck poles

Problems with electricity supply, caused by fires raging across the country, will be fully resolved over the next few days, the Public Power Cooperation (PPC) said yesterday. Fires that have been burning since Friday have destroyed hundreds of electricity poles, affecting the board’s distribution network and causing power outages throughout the country. Dozens of villages in the Peloponnese were without power virtually all day yesterday and there were brief power cuts in Keratea, Attica. «The unprecedented scale and extent of the fires led to many problems in power supply,» said PPC’s director of distribution Dimitris Lathouris. «But the problems are being dealt with swiftly,» he added. A main distribution station in Megalopolis, near one of the worst fires in the central Peloponnese, has been repaired since malfunctioning on Sunday,» Lathouris said. Meanwhile, mobile telephony firms said mobile networks have been virtually unaffected over the past two months as no antennas were damaged by the blazes.