Quakes hit prefectures already razed by fire

Three moderate quakes shook central and northern Greece yesterday, two hitting the fire-ravaged prefectures of Ileia and Evia, but there were no reports of related injuries or damage. The first earthquake, which struck the area of Avlida in the Gulf of Evia at 7.30 a.m., was also felt in parts of Attica and Halkida. The second earthquake, a 4.8-magnitude tremor, occured shortly after noon, east of Pirgos in Ileia prefecture. It caused concern, as it lasted for several seconds. Finally a 5-Richter quake occurred southeast of Alexandroupolis just before 4 p.m. Seismologists were reassuring, describing the tremors as «neither significant nor unusual.» «We are all more sensitive due to the fires,» said Ioannis Kalogeras of Athens’s Geodynamic Institute.