Tracking them down through old files

Registrars of university and technical college departments are working overtime to locate students who have been enrolled for years. Initial estimates based on statistics from the Education Ministry indicate that they represent 250,000 of a total of 626,000 enrollments, or one in five. The process is difficult, especially at older colleges (Athens University, the University of Economics and Business and Aristotle University) where staff members in each department have to consult numerous old files. At Athens University alone, of 104,209 enrollments, only 35,491 are active students. At more recently established institutions in the provinces, the process has been easier. The quickest to comply with the new law was the Technical University of Crete, whose rector, Ioachim Grispolakis, told Kathimerini that the process was complete. Of the 190 inactive students, almost a third have stated that they wish to complete their studies. Just documenting the students will not solve the problem, as many had enrolled in departments and courses that have since changed.