Bishop chides his colleagues

Bishop Anthimos of Alexandroupolis has called on his fellow hierarchs in the Church of Greece to stop talking about a possible successor to Archbishop Christodoulos while he is still battling cancer. Speaking to Kathimerini yesterday, Anthimos hit out at some of his colleagues who have been discussing the issue on the sidelines of the Holy Synod meeting. «The archbishop is abroad for health reasons and we are all awaiting his return and are praying that his problem will be confronted,» said the bishop. «Any other discussion is unnecessary, untimely, and, because it is associated with the sensitive question of a person’s health, is blasphemous. «Nobody has the right to make plans that ignore the presence of God.» However, Church sources said that some bishops are still discussing the issue of Christodoulos’s successor behind closed doors. It is thought that this debate will only be dampened if the archbishop returns to Greece to continue treatment after his liver transplant was called off.