‘I like the warmth of the Greeks’

I like Greece, said David Vachter in Greek. I like the warmth of the Greeks. They are friendly, outgoing and they open up easily. The climate is also great: Itís October and Iím still wearing shorts and t-shirts. This would not be possible in Sweden. Vachter, 23, a student at the Economics, Business and Law University of Goteborg, came to Athens University for this winter semester via Erasmus. It is not his first time in Greece; he has already been five times for holidays. The big difference between Greeks and Swedes is their easygoing mentality. Greeks are always 30 minutes late, there is no stress in this country. As for the university, Greek students are much more politicized than their Swedish counterparts. The university is nice but Swedish institutes are of a higher standard in terms of building infrastructure. Accommodation here is free, which I value. The staff and professors are friendly if you address them in the right way, that is sincerely and politely, he concluded.