Pangalos blast for doubters

Anyone who has questioned the leadership of PASOK president George Papandreou should leave the party or put their case forward before the leadership ballot on November 11, MP Theodoros Pangalos suggested yesterday. «Anybody who thinks that George, who has been elected by the grass roots of PASOK, is not up to the job should join another party or present their case at the party conference,» said Pangalos. Through his comments, the PASOK veteran again raised the question of whether Papandreou would expel some of his detractors from the party if he wins the leadership race. When asked whether this will be the case, Pangalos gave the cryptic answer that «the party will operate democratically but together.» Reacting to Pangalos’s comments, Andreas Loverdos, an MP supporting Evangelos Venizelos, Papandreou’s main rival, said that this kind of talk was diverting attention away from the government and toward PASOK’s internal affairs. «Whoever attempts to change the agenda will be judged,» said Loverdos.