Quarries still testing patience

A new investigation into the two quarries that are operating in Markopoulo, eastern Attica, was ordered yesterday after the local municipality petitioned the Council of State to secure enforcement of a ruling last year that supposedly shut down the businesses. Prosecutor Panayiotis Poulios ordered the investigation after several newspaper reports indicated that the quarries were still operating despite court orders prohibiting any further quarrying activity. The local authority applied to the Council of State seeking enforcement of its ruling last year. «All we are asking is that the law, finally, be enforced,» said Markopoulo Deputy Mayor Maria Mandala. «The municipality is demanding enforcement of Council of State Ruling 413 in 2006 that orders the immediate cessation of work at the quarries.» Local officials claimed that the mountain is still being quarried, though not with the use of explosives. Instead, the quarrying companies are allegedly using mechanical diggers. Police have twice found people working at the quarries this month.