No construction before presidential decree

How can the municipality proceed with the agreement reached with the Zografou family when the Council of State’s decision clearly stipulates that «no construction or issue of building permits is allowed» until promulgation of the presidential decree clarifying the status of the land? And why does the municipality not support the appeal of most inhabitants for the Public Works Ministry to designate the estate as a green area? Municipal councilor Costas Costopoulos believes «the solution is to cancel the municipal decision and expropriate the land with state funds.» In such a case the cost will not be as great, as the prices determined in court for classifying plots as green areas are much lower. «There is also the so-called ‘green fund.’ So many multistory buildings have been built in Zografou. What has happened to the money from the charges levied?» wondered Varkirtizis. If the expropriation goes ahead, the municipality will deposit the money in a special fund and will have to prove lawful ownership of the property. Do the family’s successors indeed have strong claims to the property? Mayor Kazakos hopes the Public Works Ministry will reach a decision, but has since proceeded with the loan, applying the agreement reached with the Zografou family. However, no action has been taken by the Public Works Ministry, although the issue is indeed urgent. In contrast, the committee to save the estate has taken action and has shown that the environmental aspect is of major importance to the inhabitants. Initially there were only a few dozen inhabitants willing to take up the cause but 5,000 signatures have since been collected and hundreds of residents and local associations took part in a recent demonstration.