Physicians to examine archbishop

The head of the Church of Greece, Archbishop Christodoulos, is due to be examined by doctors this week after returning to the country on Friday. He spent more than two months in Miami, where he was due to undergo a liver transplant that was called off because his cancer had spread. Christodoulos’s return has been eagerly anticipated by many senior clerics who hope that speculation about who will succeed the archbishop will be quelled. «God has seen fit for me to return to my Ithaca,» said Christodoulos after landing at Athens International Airport, where an entourage of politicians and church officials welcomed him. «I feel very well and, whenever my health permits, I will again involve myself with the Church’s administrative matters and the performance of my duties,» said the archbishop. The Archbishopric released a statement last night saying that Christo-doulos will not start treatment today as planned but will be seen by his doctors before his treatment is finalized.