Filipino man sought in yacht murder mystery

A Filipino man is the prime suspect in what appears to be a double murder aboard a Saudi-flagged yacht, found moored off the Aegean island of Tilos, police said yesterday. The suspect had been aboard the 25-meter Ghareeb when it left the Turkish port of Kusadasi en route to the Saudi port of Jidda, according to police, who found the bodies of one Italian and a Filipino – the other two crew members – aboard the yacht last Friday. Both had been stabbed several times. Police believe the murders may have been committed after a drug deal went wrong, though the discovery of sex aids and a woman’s handbag aboard the yacht has raised suspicions of a sexual motive. The yacht’s launch was missing and may have been taken by the missing Filipino, police said. But they have not ruled out the possibility of the suspect having been killed by a third party.