Migrants hid in fuel truck

Twenty-eight would-be migrants, who had endured two days without food or water crammed into a fuel truck, were yesterday recuperating at a detention center in Elassona, central Greece, authorities said. Church officials and the local Red Cross have been providing them with food, medicine and clothing. The remaining 35 illegal immigrants discovered in the truck, which had been en route to Athens from Alexandroupolis, were sent to police stations in Trikala and Karditsa. Meanwhile, doctors on Lesvos were tending to a 14-year-old youth who suffered widespread burns to his face and body after being doused by car battery acid, allegedly by Turkish Port Authority officials. The boy was one of a group of 22 illegal immigrants who reached Lesvos from neighboring Turkey. He claimed to have been attacked by a Turkish official who wanted to «teach him a lesson.» Another 24 incoming migrants were found on different parts of the island yesterday.