Migrant shot dead by guard

A 29-year-old border guard was arrested yesterday after shooting and fatally injuring a 45-year-old Albanian man who had illegally crossed into Greece. The would-be migrant had been with another 10 men who crossed into the region of Florina early yesterday. Nine of the migrants were arrested after being spotted by guards but the other two, including the 45-year-old, tried to flee. During the ensuing chase, the 29-year-old guard is alleged to have shot the 45-year-old in the back. The 45-year-old was rushed to a nearby hospital but died shortly after. The guard told police he had tried to fire a warning shot into the air and hit the migrant by mistake. He is to appear before a prosecutor in the next few days. Separately, authorities on Crete said that a group of 88 illegal immigrants, intercepted on the island on Wednesday, were to be sent back to Egypt. Another five men identified as crew members of the fishing boat that brought the migrants to Greece are being detained on smuggling charges.