In Brief


Laborer fatally injured in Crete after 5-meter fall from tree A 35-year-old foreign laborer, who had been working on a project at a private residence in the Cretan prefecture of Iraklion, was killed on Saturday when he fell out of a tree that he had been pruning. The worker died instantly after the 5-meter fall. Local police are investigating whether the project supervisor should bear any responsibility for the incident. METRO ROUTES Constructors come across ancient tombs at Holargos station Metro train routes from Ethniki Amyna to Halandri and the Athens International Airport will stop in February for a six-month period due to the construction of new stations at Holargos and Aghia Parakevi, northern Athens. Sources said that construction crews have come across ancient tombs at the Holargos station. DRUG ARRESTS Five nabbed over the weekend Police in Thessaloniki over the weekend arrested three men and two women on charges of drug dealing and possession. Two of the men, aged 34 and 37, were found to be in possession of nearly 2 kilos of cannabis and a powdered chemical used to cut heroin. The third man, aged 41, was arrested with nearly 3,000 euros believed to be the proceeds of drug deals. The two women, aged 20 and 22, were arrested with over 200 pills containing unspecified drugs and an air gun. Bank attacked Unknown attackers smashed the front window of a branch of Alpha Bank in central Athens yesterday, according to police. The assailants fired gunshots and threw a homemade explosive device into the bank, causing serious damage, police added. There were no reports of injuries or arrests. Firefighters said they extinguished the blaze before it spread to other levels in the building. Apartment blaze An 81-year-old man was burnt to death in the early hours of yesterday morning when a fire broke out in his fifth-floor apartment in Zografou, eastern Athens. Firemen rushed to extinguish the blaze but were too late to save the elderly man. The exact cause of the fire, which started in the man’s bedroom, was not clear yesterday. Counterfeit money A man and a woman were arrested in Serres, northern Greece, on Saturday accused of distributing counterfeit banknotes. The suspects are believed to have gone shopping in eight different stores in the northern Greek city with the fake money before being arrested. Police confiscated a few thousand euros of counterfeit money and 2,315 euros in legal tender. Authorities said they will continue their investigation in Serres and the broader area to determine whether others are involved in the counterfeiting ring. Two killed Two people were killed in a car accident in Ilioupolis, southeastern Athens, early yesterday. Two southbound cars smashed into each other on Vouliagmenis Avenue, police said. Two passengers seated in the back seat of one of the vehicles were killed while the two drivers survived, according to police. Farmers relent Farmers from Iraklion yesterday stopped a two-day blockade of the Cretan port following talks between union representatives and local authority officials. Farmers submitted a petition outlining their demands, which include tax breaks and fuel allowances. It was unclear whether any concessions have been pledged.