Fierce competition boosts psychosomatic ills

Physician Renos Rotas has spent a great deal of time studying and treating patients with psychosomatic disorders. He advocates talking as a cure for depression. He claims the majority of patients suffer from psychosomatic disorders and that psychosomatic treatment should not be separate from general medical treatment. According to Rotas, fierce competition is to blame for a rise in psychosomatic illnesses. Competition makes consumerism a goal and anyone who pursues this ideal is heading for misfortune that can cause depression. Rivalry eliminates friendship, and ruins personal relationships and family bonds. People would be happier if they replaced this objective with peaceful competition. We are obliged to be more intelligent, better students, wealthier and more beautiful. This is tedious and pointless. Taking an anti-depressant is a way of refusing to succumb to such slogans. Discussion to cure depression is of course preferable to pills. Our body produces various hormones when we are in an agonizing dilemma. These hormones when in conflict produce stress and depression. It is necessary to help patients to be decisive, to give them courage to do one thing or another rather than conceal the problem.